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Our staff - supporting MND Research

23 June 2015

In late May, W&D Finance staff joined together with the staff from Doepel Lilley & Taylor for a very special cause.

The event? An epic morning tea provided by all staff members to raise much needed funds.

The cause? The Big Freeze at the G for MND.

The Big Freeze at the G was a major event held at the MCG on Monday June 8 that saw several well-known footy personalities plunged into a giant ice pool all in the name of raising funds and awareness for this crippling disease that has struck down AFL great Neale Daniher.

Motor neurone disease (MND) is the name given to a group of diseases in which the nerve cells (neurones) controlling the muscles that enable us to move, speak, breathe and swallow undergo degeneration and die.

Motor function is controlled by the upper motor neurones in the brain that descend to the spinal cord; these neurones activate lower motor neurones.  The lower motor neurones exit the spinal cord and directly activate muscles.  With no nerves to activate them, muscles gradually weaken and waste. MND can affect a person’s ability to walk, speak, swallow and breathe.

The goal of the Big Freeze at the G was to raise around $250,000 towards vital research into one day finding a cure for MND. As testament to the person and the cause, the event raised more than $2.4 million

W&D and Doepels staff are proud to have been able to get together and enjoy a beautiful morning tea, and contribute to future research to obliterate MND.