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Our current loan campaign...but do you know what a 'secured loan' means?

18 March 2015

You may have heard our most recent ‘Loans’ related radio commercials on the airwaves? But do you know what a secured loan is?

The definition of a secured loan is one in which there is physical collateral or asset, eg a home, building etc. that secures the debt if there is a time when the loan is unable to be repaid. This therefore reduces the risk to the lender. A loan can also be secured by a guarantor - eg another party who is prepared to provide a guarantee that they will meet the debt of the loan if the borrower is unable too.

There are many banks who make it difficult for people who can afford to service a loan, to actually be able to borrow. Since its inception W&D Finance has worked with clients to provide secured loans where the banks won’t, and do it at sensible rates.

We can provide finance to qualified borrowers for buying or building a new home or investment property, a commercial venture, or in the areas of construction and development.

Over the years W&D have helped to finance many successful housing & subdivision developments in the Ballarat region, as well as in Bacchus Marsh and Melbourne, assisting developers to achieve their goals.

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